December 29, 2016

Camera Face Detection in C# using Emgu CV and WPF

Detecting faces from an image is simple with the power of Emgu CV, wrapper of OpenCV in .NET. Hi there, this is a new tutorial category in my blog. It’s Computer Vision. In this blog, I’d like to show you something cool. It’s how to perform Face Detection using your camera or Webcam. You’ll see how your application can detect faces from a captured image. Curious about it? Let’s take a look how to do that. Read more

December 13, 2016

Load External Image into WPF using OpenFileDialog

A simple WPF control implementation to browse and load an image into the app. This is my first time I made a tutorial about WPF. I don’t think it’s a new technique, but I just want to share what I learned at home. I assume that you understand WPF a little bit. In this tutorial I’d like to show you how to load external image into WPF using OpenFileDialog. Read more

December 8, 2016

Password Encryption using MD5 Hash Algorithm in C#

Simple way to hash sensitive string. It’s really bad if someone knew your password. As a developer or web master or something else, we have an ethic that we also don’t want to see other’s password. So, what we need to do to store those passwords? One simple solution is using hash function. We change the readable password into unreadable text and no one, even yourself, can’t decrypt that text ever. Read more

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