Minimalism Classical Music

A music genre that doesn't distract

While doing some work, I like to listen to some music. But not all music is suitable for working.

Mostly music with human vocal, it’s distracting me.

I find classical music as the best genre I’ve ever heard to accompany me while working. But classical music itself has a variety of genre.

For example, there is this piece of Opera that also have human vocal. It’s also distracting me.

There is also some classical music with a fast tempo, that even though it’s a great piece, but still distracting. For example that awesome Vivaldi Presto Summer piece.

So today when I open my Apple Music, I find this playlist. It’s called Minimalism.

The playlist contains some classical music that is calm an not distracting at all! I fall in love with this playlist and decide I want to share it here.

I hope you enjoy this playlist of classical music as much as I do and still have focus while doing any other activities.