How to Fix Mi / Redmi Airdots Connection and Pairing Problem

Make the Airdots bluetooth TWS work again by resetting it

Xiaomi Mi / Redmi Airdots is surprisingly a good TWS Bluetooth earphones. I don’t have any high expectation for this earphones, but so far I’m happy using it daily.

Just like any electronic devices, it also has some problems. From my experience using it, there are 2 recurring problems:

  1. The left earphone doesn’t want to connect to the right earphone. This problem makes the bluetooth audio output only on right side.
  2. The earphones doesn’t want to connect to the phone after taking it out of charging case. Normally, it should be connected automatically once you take it out of charging case if it’s paired beforehand.

So, what can we do to solve them?

The solution is reset

There is only one way to solve this problem, which is to reset the Airdots to default state. By doing a reset, the earphones will be back again to its original state like a brand new out of the box.

Here is the step that always work for me.

  1. Take out both earphones from charging case. The earphones will try to make connection. The left piece will try to pair to the right piece. The right piece will try to pair to the phone. If the left piece is blinking non-stop, that means it’s failed to pair to the right piece. The same symptom also occurred for the right piece if it’s unable to pair to your phone.
  2. Press and hold both earphones until you see the red light. This will take around 5 seconds.
  3. Keep pressing both earphones. Now you wait until you see the white light. This will take around 15 seconds.
  4. Again, keep pressing both earphones. Wait until you see fast red-white blinking twice.
  5. Once you see both earphones flashing a fast red-white light twice, put it back in charging case and close it. Wait for 1-3 seconds.
  6. Take out both earphones from charging case again. This time the left piece will be paired to the right pair correctly. The right piece will flash a white color every seconds. That means the Airdots is ready to be paired with your phone again.
  7. Open your Android phone. Select bluetooth settings and start pairing the Airdots.
  8. The Airdots should be connected to your phone successfully now. Enjoy the earphones!

I also make a video so you can see what I do to reset the Airdots.

After you know how to resolve the problem, you might wondering: is that a way to prevent the problem in the future?

Some tips so it won’t happen again

There are actually some kind of preventions so you don’t experience this problem in the future. Even though it’s not a perfect method, but it should just fine most of the time.

  1. Never let the earphones battery drop to 0. When you’re using the earphones, it’ll signal you with a beep sound when there is only 10% battery level left. You can check the battery percentage from your phone. If it’s already reach 10%, better put it in the charging case.
  2. Never let the charging case out of power. This will cause your earphones turned on all the time inside the charging case until the battery level reach 0.

That’s all I can write for today. Hope this tutorial is useful for you. Thanks for reading!


Cover Photo by Lautaro Andreani on Unsplash