Permanently Enable macOS Night Shift

A simple hack to trick macOS to keep Night Shift on (almost) all the time

Since the first time Apple introduced built-in Night Shift on macOS, I was really excited to use it daily. The purpose of Night Shift is to change your monitor color temperature by reducing the blue part of the color to make your eyes more comfortable to see the monitor at night. I like the color temperature a lot and I plan to keep it turned on all the time. Not just for night time, but also day time!

The problem is, you can’t.

Before Night Shift introduced on macOS, I always use f.lux. It has the same purpose, to change monitor color temperature. It’s really customizable so that I can keep it on permanently.

But I don’t want to install f.lux anymore since macOS already has it built in.

So in this tutorial I’ll show you a simple hack to trick macOS to keep the Night Shift on almost all the time. I say ‘almost’ because it doesn’t really permanent. But it won’t affect the experience at all!

To enable Night Shift almost all the time, we need to set up a custom schedule. Here is the steps you can do to change Night Shift schedule:

  1. Open System Preferences of your macOS.
  2. Select Displays menu.
  3. Select Night Shift tab.
  4. Change Schedule option to Custom.
  5. Enter From value with 02:00 and to value with 01:59.
macOS Night Shift Options
macOS Night Shift Options

Here is a video tutorial in case you want to see on how to do it correctly.

That’s it. Now Night Shift will be enabled from 02:00 AM to 01:59 AM. That’s like 23 hours and 59 minutes per day. That’s why I said that it is ‘almost’ permanent because there is a 1 minute gap each day. But that gap doesn’t matter because it’s between 01:59 AM to 02:00 AM. Chance are, you’re already asleep by that time.

If you have different sleep schedule then you can just change the From and to value to your own preferences.

Okay, I think that’s what I can write today. Thank you for reading!

Cover Photo by Kyle Hanson on Unsplash